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Leslie Fonteyne
Sheer Alchemy

Leslie Fonteyne is a Transformation Catalyst who uses her Intuitive and Energetic gifts to catapult listeners into living the life they were born to manifest. Whether it is shifting from scarcity to abundance, from emotional pain into joy or f... 

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Jennifer Zelop
Thrive by Jen™

Jen is currently working on her book coming out in 2017. It’s an instruction manual for creating your THRIVE Life! For years, Jen’s clients have been asking; “just tell me what to do to be happy…just tell me what to do to lose weight&h... 

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Connie Pheiff
Masters Chambers

The amazing team of Connie Pheiff Speaks, Inc. helps experts worldwide engage and achieve more through her signature Business Accelerator Academy. The academy embraces the 5P's to results: 1.) Process 2.) Position 3.) Package 4.) Promotion... 

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Chef Rossi
The Raging Skillet

The Raging Skillet has been called "a new breed of rebel anti-caterer" by The New York Times, "the wildest thing this side of the mason Dixon line" by Zagat and has been named among The Knot’s Best Of Wedding Caterers for 2010, 2011, 201... 

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Vicki Todd

Vicki is the author of a visual memoir, Unstuck: One Heroine’s Journey of Art and the Courage to Live on Purpose, as well as the upcoming book, Voices: 15 Artist Heroines Speak Their Creative Purpose. Vicki offers art works... 

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Amber Thiel - The Healthy Edge