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  • Mary Crescenzo - Dr. Pat Guest

    Hi, Dr. Pat,
    Thank you so very much for a most insightful, profound and amazing interview this am. You made me think about things that have never come to mind about myself and my book. We have oddly so much in common: Bronx CCHS Girls!, Italian-Americans, a Papa who grew veggies who acknowledged and appreciated us, Lyme Disease, the arts, radio (I was on WPLJ (ABC-FM) in the 70’s as part of the morning show as “Mary The Exercise Lady" and did morning drive in Tulsa for a while on KMOD, Jazz, etc. You are a gift to the air waves, to the world. Your questions were so thou...

  • Susan Shumsky

    Hi Dr. Pat,
    Thank you so much for inviting me to be a guest on your show. You are the very best host by which I have ever had the privilege of being interviewed. Yours was the best interview about my book Prosperity Meditations that I have ever done. Your questions are, as usual, much deeper and more insightful than any I have ever been asked. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    With Great Gratitude,
    Susan Shumsky

  • Maile Burnett

    I just wanted to leave a comment that I listen to your radio show everyday while I am driving at work. I have learned so much from listening to all of the different speakers and Dr. Pat. It's my favorite show to listen to.  I recently bought the book "Never Be Afraid to Eat Alone" by Courtney Kittrell. I am still reading it and almost done. It has helped me so much with some situations I have gone through recently and in my life. I really just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much for creating Transformation Talk Radio. I have been listening for about six years now.  ...

  • Listener 2015

    I used to be afraid and now I love. I feel like fear just cripples you and love frees you. Thank you so much for doing what you’re doing and changing me from fear to love and showing people that’s the only way. I love. I love. I love. I no longer fear. Thank you.

  • Caller 2014 The Jenn Royster Show

    Thank you.  Thank you and Dr. Pat I wanted to thank you, your show, and when you share your story it helps transform my life.  On this day I wanted to thank you by listening to your show. It helped me get out of really tragic circumstances.  So I just wanted to thank you all that you do. 

  • Caller 2014 The Dr. Pat Show

    I feel that every day I have to get a Dr. Pat fix and try to find you on the radio.  

Client Reviews!

  • Lisa Pinney - Wholeness In Practice

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