Guest Profile

Eileen Noyes

Eileen Noyes, formerly a part of the NFL world for over nine years, has experienced the ups and downs of professional sports—from entering in as a wife to a high-profile figure to leaving the game and enduring the many challenges that come with the transition out. As she found her way through the journey of living life in the public eye, Eileen moved from a 16 year marriage, to an unforeseen divorce, to single mom of 8, to starting all over again. 


Eileen Noyes now resides in California with her husband Michael and eight of their 15 combined children. She flourishes and juggles the roles of wife, mom, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Her passion now is not only helping pro-athlete wives, she desires to raise up women from all walks of life who’ve been overshadowed by life’s circumstances—to find herself once again and live in the FULLNESS of who God created her to be. 


  • Eileen has authored Sidelined No More—helping pro-athletes wives get off the bench and live out their God-given purpose. (Available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible.)
  • Authored in a multi-author project, Broken Chapters. 
  • Founder of Lady Bellator ( 
  • Releasing Sidelined No More—Rise up and live out your God-given purpose (Lady Bellator Edition) at the beginning of 2024.