Guest Profile

Darlene Oliver

Darlene Oliver is known as “Not Your Traditional Career Coach” because everything she has accomplished professionally over the past 15 years has been born out of a desire to follow her dreams in a way that allows her to create financial freedom while working in her Sweet Spot. 


And many of her solutions have been unconventional as she knew early on that a traditional 9-5 job would never work for her. She is a serial entrepreneur that has not only built businesses for herself, but she has shared her expertise with others developing and inspiring new and experienced entrepreneurs along the way. 


She loves sharing the simple methodologies she has used over the years to help her clients navigate the entrepreneurial mind field and ultimately, create something many never thought possible. Business Coaching is her purpose in life, and Darlene loves to take aspiring business owners into the next steps of their career journey and creating a powerful tribe of Unconventional Businesswomen.