Guest Profile

Tara Prater

Tara Prater is the creator of FUELED BY GOD coaching services as well as the FUELED BY GOD coach certification. As a faith based integrative health practitioner, Tara’s mission is to spread God’s truth and power to overcome emotional eating and hormone imbalances.

Personally, through using my faith based programming, I have overcome emotional eating, adult onset bulimia, hormone imbalances specifically pre diabetes and insulin resistance, and continue to heal from childhood sexual abuse.  The journey is never quite over or necessarily always easy but with God it is so worth it!  While spreading God’s truth, Tara guides other women just like her to holistic health, purpose and security.  With a Christ-centered focus, Fueled By God not only leads women to physical health but also spiritual, emotional and financial.



FUELED BY GOD:  Preparing women’s earthly bodies for their heavenly bodies RAISED IN POWER.