Guest Profile

Julia Pearce

Meet Julia Pearce, an inspiring presenter and author whose passion for advocacy, personal lived experiences, and communication is truly remarkable. As a lifelong learner, Julia is dedicated to sharing her space and story to help others in ways they never thought possible. Julia is a well-known presenter, having spoken at local and national conferences on a variety of topics close to her heart. She has also written extensively about communication, advocacy, and her own personal experiences. She recently authored a powerful memoir, sharing the life of her special young man, Dallin, who lived with multiple disabilities and changed the lives of everyone he met. With over two decades of experience working in education and assistive technology, Julia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. She currently works for the Utah Assistive Technology Teams and the Utah Center for Assistive Technology under a state agency, and has worked for the Utah Parent Center. Julia supports 30 teams across the state to help students work towards their goals. As a parent who has worked on state groups and national boards, Julia has firsthand experience creating supports and increasing services for children and youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental illness. She has been involved with NADD since 2000, sitting on multiple committees and sharing her lived experience with families and professionals. Despite her busy schedule, Julia still finds time to pursue her passions outside of work. She enjoys running up and down mountains, working in the garden, camping, and reading a good book. Julia lives in Utah with her supportive husband Brandon and continues to inspire others with her resilience and passion for helping others. To get in touch with Julia, contact her at