Guest Profile

Everret Maxine

Everret Maxine would experience her first great loss at the age of 10, when her great aunt passed away. That experience with death would leave a void that was filled with a quickly blossoming relationship with Christ. She lacked the confidence to be her own person and not be moved by the opinions of others. Because of the challenges she faced at home, the tension at school she began suffering from depression during her teenage years and often thought about committing suicide, but her relationship with Christ would hinder her from completing the task. 

In 2018 she would settle in Pearland, Texas fleeing the comfort of living in her hometown of Bay City, Texas, due to the constant threats against her life and stalking from her estranged husband. The beginning of 2018 was filled with promises and hope for a peaceful future in her new location. Unfortunately, 2018 would cause her to live on faith she did not know she had, seek God like she never had before and pray for encouragement daily as she dealt with the passing of her grandmother, Roxie on May 28th, and her mother would be found deceased June 19th,of that same year. Her 20 year relationship, which consisted of 10 years of marriage, would come to an end with the finalizing of her divorce November 5th, 2018. In spite of her losses she followed through with her goal to return to Texas Southern University to finish out her degree in math/science education in the Fall of 2018, in which she completed November 2020.


 July 2019, her podcast was birthed titled “The Absence of Her” in memory of her mother in which she shares her truth from childhood to adulthood about being sexually abused, living with the spirit of rejection, grief, and issues facing women daily. After being a client of therapy from 2017-2020, she promotes the need for being mentally healthy. Her belief is she has not survived for self, but for the purpose to help others through her testimonies and truths.  Her courageous voice has been heard across more than half the United States and few countries abroad. She can be followed on Instagram @iameverretmaxine, Twitter @iameverretmaxine, Facebook Iameverretmaxine and her YouTube channel Everret Maxine.