Guest Profile

Donita Volkwijn

Donita Volkwijn, the Senior Director of Member Engagement at Philanthropy New York (PNY), is distinguished for her leadership in member engagement, recruitment, and guiding key networks and leadership programs. Her expertise lies in relationship-building and aiding organizations in racial equity practices. Donita's philanthropic journey began in 2012 at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, where she excelled in knowledge management, ensuring equitable information distribution to enhance organizational engagement and performance. A talented opera singer, Donita has performed in notable cities like London, Paris, and San Francisco. She's deeply committed to community empowerment, serving as a board member of the Loveland Foundation, focused on supporting communities of color, and co-founding Circle of Change, aiding the BIPOC community in the nonprofit sector. With an academic background from Oberlin College and The Cleveland Institute of Music, and life experiences spanning South Africa, Europe, and the USA, Donita brings a unique global perspective to her work in racial equity.