Guest Profile

Cara B. Drescher

Cara B. Drescher is an infertility coach specializing in helping women navigate and heal from the emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma of infertility and pregnancy/postpartum after infertility.  Cara is a former infertility warrior turned mom of twins.  After 14 fertility treatments, she conceived triplets and gave birth to preemie twins at 32 weeks.  A complicated high risk pregnancy, coupled with the loss of one of the babies, NICU time and then a complex postpartum recovery, changed Cara’s priorities.  When her twins were 8 months old she found that her passion for helping people was evolving into a new direction so she became a coach for women going through infertility.  Prior to her career as a coach Cara was (and still is!) a licensed massage therapist, nationally certified continuing education provider, and licensed esthetician specializing in fertility, pregnancy, & postpartum bodywork, skincare, and education.  With her 21 years of experience in the wellness industry with extensive training in reproductive struggles & successes, in addition to her personal journeys through infertility, pregnancy, & postpartum, Cara brings a unique approach to her coaching style.